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Why Eleven From Stranger Things Is the Perfect National Waffle Day Mascot

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If there’s a breakout character to emerge from Stranger Things, summer’s most talked about show, it’s Eleven. And while Dustin had his loyalty to Nilla wafers, Hopper had his Schlitz beer dinners and all of Hawkins’ cutest had their Hunts Snack Packs, no food favorite was more prominent than Eleven’s waffles. Eleven was Eggo’s best non-paying customer.

Incidentally, Aug. 24, is National Waffle Day to mark the anniversary of the first U.S. patent for a waffle iron, so if ever there was an excuse to pile on the waffles, it’s Eleven, the best thing to come out of MKUltra. She’s a kid who, throughout the eight-episode series, ate waffles like every day was a nationwide waffle celebration, which makes her the perfect National Waffle Day mascot.

The young renegade had a rare and especially emphatic brand loyalty to Eggo waffles. Mike gave her her first waffle, so the breakfast treat may have represented belonging for her. When she has to survive without him, she heads straight to the supermarket to steal, what else? More. Waffles. Some ill-informed supermarket employee races to catch her, so she uses her to mind to slam the doors shut in his face. They shatter into a million pieces, and she blows out of the parking lot and never looks back. That’s just what happens when you screw with Eleven’s waffle stash.

On top of that, she loves the Kelloggs products so much, she’ll even mess with frozen ones. Don’t judge. It’s not like the woods are full of toasters and outlets when you’re an E.T.-themed fugitive who just checked out of Hawkins Lab and you’ll do anything to survive.

Which brings us, sadly to the show’s finale. In the end, we see Chief Jim Hopper tucking away some waffles and some Christmas cookies in a secret forest box. In the ultimate sign that waffles and Eleven are inseparable, it’s the waffles that tell everyone that Eleven is likely still around in some form.

People theorize she’s the monster, thanks to possible “clues,” one being that Eleven actually says the phrase, “I’m the monster.” But if for some reason you’re still not sure, be comforted by this. Through it all, provided you didn’t mess with her, Mike, or her waffles, you were good.

Happy National Waffle day. Make Eleven proud.

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