By Melissa Chan
August 24, 2016

The new trailer for the upcoming third and final season of The Fall has been released.

The cryptic clip shows actress Gillian Anderson, as Detective Superintendent Stella Gibson, swimming as she recalls a chilling conversation with serial killer Paul Spector, played by 50 Shades of Gray star Jamie Dornan. “You’re under arrest. You’re going to prison. In what sense are you free?” she can be heard saying.

“I live at a level of intensity unknown to you and others of your type. You will never know the almost God-like power that I feel when that last bit of breath leaves a body. That feeling of complete possession,” he replies.

The BBC hit crime drama first aired in 2013 and became available for viewing on Netflix last year. It follows the detective’s hunt for the mass murderer, who attacks successful, career-oriented women in Belfast.

The show returns this coming autumn, although there is no set date yet.

Watch the clip above.

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