Zachary Penton
Maricopa County Jail
August 22, 2016 4:55 PM EDT

Police arrested a man for killing his one of his roommate just days after he discussed the urge to “viciously murder” them on Twitter.

Police in Gilbert, Ariz. say Zachary Penton, 21, called them Sunday and confessed to shooting his roommate Daniel Garofalo, 41, after the two had some sort of argument, according to ABC 15.

Penton was taken into custody and Garofalo was pronounced dead on the scene. An account under Penton’s name discussed murdering his roommates.

Gilbert police say they “are looking into the possibility” of confirming that the account belongs to Penton, according to ABC 15. Penton has been charged with murder, but authorities are still investigating what led to the shooting.

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