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See How Much Fun Beyoncé Had Doing Her Own Stunts for Lemonade

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Beyoncé has published behind-the-scenes photos from her VMA and Emmy-nominated visual album “Lemonade,” and they are all vivid joys to behold.

Out of the whole lot of pictures (some of them NSFW), there’s one of her filming “Hold Up” in full blissed out rage-mode. Bat in hand, she’s leaping happily in her Converse sneakers on top of a pile of mattresses, probably doing the scenes where she roughs up some cars.

Obviously, the singer switched out of those heels when it was time to really get busy showing cars who’s boss. But there she is with a million-watt smile having a grand old time just like a kid on a bunch of cushy mattress to the tune of “the Beyhive Boys,” a band named after her fans, everyone.

Beyoncé, gamely doing her own stunt in sneakers.

The photos confirm that she was not in fact, not driving the monster truck crushing those eight cars. View the rest of the snapshots at Beyoncé.com.

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