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Lena Headey Reveals Everything She Thinks About Cersei’s Future on Game of Thrones

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Warning: This post contains spoilers for the sixth season of Game of Thrones.

Lena Headey snagged an Emmy nomination for her turn as Queen Cersei Lannister on this season’s dramatic Game of Thrones — but her future on the show is far from certain, given the turbulence of the season’s events.

“I don’t feel comfort, I’m pondering where she can go from here,” Headey told The Wrap in a new interview. “I don’t think it will end well. Who knows?”

Headey also described Cersei’s character as “so tired” from her constant losses. Although she knew a prophecy had predicted that all three of her precious children would die before their time, it’s only now in the show’s arc that she’s coming to terms with that tragic reality.

“The thing that gave her humanity was her kids. They’re gone now. Her father is gone. [Her brother] Tyrion is gone. There’s no one to tell her she can’t, she’s stupid, she’s just a woman. I think when Jaime looks anything other than happy, she has a ‘f— you’ moment,” Headey elaborated. “This will be such an interesting season for them. Where do they go? It’s so toxic now.”

This season also marked a major shift towards the empowerment of the often-disenfranchised women of Thrones. Danaerys, Sansa to Cersei, they have shifted to the forefront of the show’s narrative. Headey, for her part, sees Cersei as part of that vanguard of feminism. “Early stages,” she said.


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