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There’s a lot of discourse around women reclaiming the right to look however they want after giving birth, with Anne Hathaway, Blake Lively and Chrissy Teigen speaking out. Now, an Australian underwear commercial is flipping this idea on its head and instead discussing the ‘dad bod.’

The ‘Bonds’ commercial begins with a circle of men sitting around wearing only underwear, discussing the changes in their bodies after their wives gave birth. “When we brought Tommy home, I was up every couple of hours feeding. Pizza… cured meats… cake,” one man said. Another added: “I saw David Beckham, a week after childbirth with no top on.”

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The ad closes by telling the viewers they should “think of fathers” during Australia’s upcoming Father’s Day, and although we certainly agree that dads sacrifice a lot, it’s hard to overlook the strange tone of the video.

For one, Bonds makes a farce out of the idea that fathers should also be helping out with their new infant. Having a child is undoubtedly tough for fathers—hence the need for paternity leave—so why not highlight the actual struggle of taking care of a baby while supporting a wife who just went through childbirth?

The ad also seems to satirize what women say about their bodies during the early stages of motherhood. The men mention swollen ankles, stretch marks and the pressure to look perfect, which are all actual problems women face during and after pregnancy. As Mashable puts it, “The ad, with its doleful piano accompaniment, could also be read as pretty insensitive to the way some women respond to the pressures they may face post-baby.”

Watch the full video above.

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