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Seth Rogen Defends Amy Pascal In Fallout From Sony Hack

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Seth Rogen is continuing a week of interesting comments about women by saying that Amy Pascal, the producer whose racist comments about African Americans were revealed in the 2014 Sony hack, was in fact doing good work and should arguably not have lost her job.

Rogen told Any Given Wednesday’s Bill Simmons that he’s sick of being blamed for the hack (due to his part in the terrible idea that was The Interview), and that anyway, didn’t it lead to good things like blowing open the discussion about the wage gap?

“But look what happened as a result of all that,” Rogen told Simmons. “One person lost their job: a woman who was running the studio, who specifically had a very feminist agenda in the best way possible. She greenlit the Ghostbusters movie, she had been talking about making movies specifically less homophobic in a lot of ways, and she’s the one person who basically lost her job over it.”

For a lot of us, though, any feminist agenda Pascal might have had isn’t quite enough to erase the memory of reading emails in which she made a string of jokes to the effect that President Obama would enjoy such sources of entertainment as Django Unchained, 12 Years A Slave, and Kevin Hart. You know, because he’s black.

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