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Stephen Colbert Proves He’s Still The Lord of the Rings Trivia King

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To copy from Gandalf the Grey: Stephen Colbert cannot let a Lord of the Rings question pass.

A new video from The Late Show, shows Colbert proving to his audience (and Peter Jackson and James Franco) that he is the one Lord of the Rings fan who shall rule them all. Whether answering questions about Lord of the Rings interview guests or favorite characters, Colbert reveals his love of the deeply arcane tidbits from J.R.R. Tolkien’s body from The Hobbit to The Silmarillion.

It’s also clear that Colbert has spent a lot of time thinking about Middle Earth trivia and the Lord of the Rings world that Tolkein created. When an audience member asks Colbert to name his favorite character from the Lord of the Rings, Colbert launches into an intense monologue on Samwise Gamgee and why Gandalf thought Frodo Baggins could possibly throw the Ring into the cracks of Doom to destroy it.

“Gandalf did not put as much thought into this as I have,” Colbert explained. Clearly.

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