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Watch This BBC Presenter Laugh Uncontrollably During Live Weather Forecast

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Sometimes you just can’t help but laugh.

Wednesday was apparently one of those times for BBC presenter Louise Lear. During her evening weather report, Lear came onscreen already chuckling, and continued to laugh as she explained the weather in Scotland and Wales.

“I’ll try and keep it together because it’s not a laughing matter with the weather in Scotland today,” Lear said as she wiped away tears of laughter.

Her fellow presenter, Simon McCoy jokingly asked her if she was alright as they tried to redo her introduction. But while it was unclear what Lear was laughing at, she couldn’t seem to stop herself as she finished the broadcast.

Viewers on social media didn’t mind, though. They took to Twitter to express their amusement and wonder what was so funny.

McCoy said he wasn’t responsible for the giggles, but he did say he gave her a “big hug” once she was done laughing.

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