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How to Find All of the Selfies on Your iPhone

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If the prominence of selfie sticks has taught us anything, it’s that selfies are here to stay. Some smartphones, including the iPhone, store all of these self portraits in one place so that they’re easier to find.

This album has been available on the iPhone since iOS 9 launched last year, and you can find it by launching the Photos app on your device. The Selfies folder includes any photo that has your face in it, even if other people are also in the picture. Like the other folders Apple automatically creates in the Photos app, such as Videos and Screenshots, the Selfies folder cannot be deleted.

When iOS 10 launched this fall, the Photos app received a more significant overhaul that made it possible to search for general terms like “puppies” and “mountains” to find relevant photos. It’s very similar to the way Google Photos works, except the Photos app on iPhone does all of the image recognition on the device rather than in the cloud.

Check out the video above to learn about how to find the selfie folder on your iPhone.

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