July 28, 2016

Yesterday, Netflix blessed Gilmore Girls fans around the world by releasing the trailer for the celebrated show’s upcoming revival on November 25th.

“Do you think Amy Schumer would like me?” ponders Lorelai, holding her signature mug of coffee. After a debate between Lorelai and Rory, Rory declares no, Amy Schumer wouldn’t like Lorelai because Schumer enjoys “water sports.”

Schumer quickly responded to the Gilmore Girls‘ accusation that “every time I see her in a magazine, she’s on vacation doing water sports,” Elle points out.

Gilmore Girls responded to Schumer with delight — and discussing movies, nonetheless:

So how does Schumer really feel about the two Lorelais?

During a TCA panel in Los Angeles, TIME reports that the in the revival, “‘all of’ Rory’s exes make an appearance ‘in one way or another.'” We may have to wait a while longer until Netflix releases Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, but the potential of a Schumer-Lorelai friendship may sustain that excitement for the next few months.

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