By Kastalia Medrano
July 27, 2016

ICYMI, Hillary Clinton shattered the next-to-last glass ceiling (short of actually becoming president) last night at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, a metaphor that the event organizers enthusiastically embraced in a video of the Democratic nominee literally exploding into view through shards of patriarchy.

And yet the next morning, something seemed a little bit off with the above-the-fold image many newspapers ran with their front-page story about the historic achievement. Perhaps you can spot it:

It’s not entirely unwarranted—Bill Clinton is, after all, a former president, and he was the night’s marquee speaker, so the papers were in a kind of tricky position. There’s certainly not the level of cognitive dissonance there’d be if, say, Melania Trump got the same treatment. But I bet I’m not alone in feeling like the wrong Clinton was in all these photos. There’s no way to argue that the night didn’t belong to her.

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