July 27, 2016 11:10 AM EDT

Remember Smash Mouth? You know, the guys who brought us the joy of “All-Star” and reminded us that maybe we weren’t the sharpest tools in the shed, after all? That was back in 2001, when the song became a ubiquitous sing-along favorite (thanks, Shrek).

The rock band has been kicking around ever since, but it’s only now that they’ve decided to jump back into the mainstream music mix with the release of a new electronic dance music jam. “Love Is a Soldier” has that undeniable Smash Mouth sound; lead singer Steve Harwell hasn’t changed an bit (except to get rid of his signature chinstrap facial hair), with his raspy shout-singing all over the track. For better of for worse, the song gets a catchiness boost from the standard EDM stylings of the producer Specter and a few bars from a female vocalist.

Memorable (and questionable) lyrics include: “Sex is a gun / you’re the ammunition” and “Love battles on / submission demolition,” keeping the military theme going strong.

It’s official: whether we like it or not, EDM has taken over everything. Even the bands of our youth.

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