July 27, 2016 11:19 AM EDT

Bran Stark and Tommen Baratheon may not have shared much screen time in Game of Thrones, but in real life, the actors who portray the two characters — Isaac Hempstead Wright and Dean-Charles Chapman — hang out regularly.

Following Hempstead Wright’s appearance at San Diego Comic-Con this weekend, he posted a selfie of himself with Chapman on Twitter. “Never been more glad to be oh so nearly nearer to home and seeing this beautiful man again,” he wrote.

Chapman, of course, responded with an equally endearing message. “Brother I never had,” he wrote. “Missed you man!”

And this isn’t the first time the two have gushed about their friendship on social media. Hempstead Wright frequently documents his bro dates with Chapman on Instagram, complete with adorable captions such as,”Cheeky Nando’s with the Dean,” and, “KFC with Deano.”

The pair also takes time to go on normal teenage adventures rather than, you know, fighting off the undead or trying to rule a city.

Here they are camping…

And at the amusement park…

And on the train.

Friendship is truly a beautiful thing.

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