July 27, 2016 11:07 AM EDT

On Mondays night’s The Late Show, Stephen Colbert surprised a cartoon version of Hillary Clinton with questions from Republican citizens.

In the segment, Colbert’s cartoon Clinton is only too happy to field pointed questions from Republicans. As she addresses them all, the woman never stops smiling.

Asked about what she’s “hiding” in her e-mails, toon Clinton says, “I am the most highly qualified person to ever seek the office of President, but as a grandmother, sometimes I make a boo boo on the computer. Instead of focusing on my e-mails, let’s focus on what Donald Trump will do to ‘females.'”

Viewers are even treated to Colbert’s Clinton performing a very stiff “Lowrider” on the harmonica because “popular music is a shared cultural reference point, right?” Clinton and Colbert celebrate by doing what the nominee animation calls a “high touch of hands” (a high-five) on that one.

Watch below.

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