McDonald’s Has Stopped Selling Big Macs in Venezuela

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McDonald’s has temporarily stopped selling Big Macs in Venezuela due to a food shortage affecting the bread that typically goes between the burger’s two meat patties.

“McDonald’s Venezuela is working to resolve this temporary situation,” Daniel Schleiniger, a spokesman for Arcos Dorados, which operates McDonald’s restaurants throughout Latin America and the Caribbean, said in a statement. His statement was reported by Business Insider.

“Together with our supplier, we are evaluating the best options that will allow us to continue serving high quality food to our customers,” he said.

Schleiniger said other menu items, including the Quarter Pounder and the McNífica, are still available.

Venezuela has suffered food shortages in recent months due to an ongoing economic and political crisis. The fast-food chain had to stop selling french fries in the country for several months last year due to a potato shortage.

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