This $200 Frank Is the Only Real Way to Celebrate National Hot Dog Day

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We’ve seen some weird things in hot dogs, and we’ve seen some just plain weird hot dogs. But this may be the most expensive hot dog we’ve ever encountered.

Hebrew National is celebrating National Hot Dog Day by kicking the classic American summer staple food up a notch, crafting a “haute” dog that’s worth $200. Yes, $200 for one hot dog… and bun.

What makes the frank so fancy? It’s all in the high-end toppings, a combination of 100-year-old aged balsamico, white truffle oil and shaved black truffle, morel mushrooms and a critical sprinkle of edible gold flakes on top. Stripped of the typical ketchup and mustard, the gussied-up dog is pretty tasty, thanks to the truffle oil; definitely a change of pace from your normal dog. Plus, the humble hot dog rarely looks quite this elegant.

Americans chow down on an average of 21 hot dogs each between Memorial Day and Labor Day, according to the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council — that’s about 818 consumed every second. In total, it’s seven billion flesh-colored cylinders that contain, by law, 54.5 percent processed meat (plus water, added fat and sodium nitrite), sandwiched in fluffy white-bread buns.

So to celebrate our national obsession with the (frankly, weird) food, grill one up this weekend. Luckily, most versions won’t cost $200. In fact, your average ‘furter found in a street stand will run you just $2. Consider it a summer savings!


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