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Watch Samantha Bee Make President Fitz Drive Herman Cain’s Bus to the RNC

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As a political satirist, Samantha Bee (“unlike most Republicans”) wanted to be in Cleveland to cover the Republican National Convention for Full Frontal. So she bought a bus. Specifically, she bought the bus that Herman Cain allegedly drove across the country in his failed bid to become the Republican presidential nominee back in 2012. Girl has to drive something, right? She simply slapped her face on top of Cain’s and told her staff to ignore the lingering smell that was “like cheese got chlamydia.”

Of course, she also needed someone to drive the bus and because Scandal is on hiatus, Tony Goldwyn, a.k.a. President Fitzgerald Grant was free and because he plays a Republican on TV, he probably wanted to check them out in their natural habitat.

Their traveling road show hit the ground in Pennsylvania to talk to the voters to prove that Keystone state residents aren’t just “snobby Republicans”. They found strong political voices at a county fair and in the nation’s oldest gas station in Altoona, Pennsylvania.

The road trip continued (“We’re five minutes away from Jerry Sandusky’s birthplace!”) across Ohio to meet a “Never Trump voter, a Never Hillary voter, and realize [they] may never make it to Cleveland”:

Bee and her staff gabbed all across the state (“Are you having fun, Ashley?” “No.” “Me too!”) before they finally made it to Cleveland to continue their coverage of the RNC.

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