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Hillary Clinton Is the Hardest One to Know

A Life Lived to the Fullest

An Unhinged Republican Convention and the Nation’s Greatest Test

Europe’s Turkey Problem

The Difference Between ISIS and ISIS-ish

What to make of criminals and social misfits who suddenly take up the ISIS name?

Review: Star Trek Beyond Is a Case Study in Interstellar Race Relations

The actors carry the essence of Gene Roddenberry’s inclusive vision into the present

The Most Political Foods in America

See which culinary treats are most likely to be ordered by Republicans versus Democrats

Women Support Hillary Clinton by Large Margins. But They’re No Monolith

Women support Hillary Clinton by large margins. But this bloc is no monolith

Russian Doping

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) confirmed in a July 18 report that Russia covered up widespread doping in the past two Olympic Games. As Olympics chiefs prepare to decide whether Russia should be banned entirely from the 2016 Games, here’s how the scandal has unfolded.

Turkey’s Long Night of the Soul

A New Wave of Comedies Craft Depression Into Art

For the Record

A Storm-Proof Park

Garry Marshall

Happy Days creator

Jokesters Slap Back at the PC Police

The Power of Wind

Big-Screen Ab Fab ODs on Vitriol

Mike Pence Is Donald Trump’s Political Opposite

Portrait of the Justice As a Young Woman

Pop Chart

Messaging Services Are Generating Some of Tech’s Most Exciting New Ideas


The First Team of Refugee Olympians Will Be Competing for Dignity

The first team of Refugee Olympians will be competing for dignity

Have You Met Miss Jones? Let a New Film Break the Ice

What to Do About Jobs That Are Never Coming Back

A Colombian Coke-and-Cash Caper Scores Grownup Thrills

Fifteen Years After 9/11, the Past Is Prologue

Evan Rachel Wood

‘Honor Killings’ and the Murder of a Social-Media Star

Yet Another Terror Attack Leaves France Enraged

What This ‘Good Enough’ Mother Learned from an Extraordinary Babysitter

The Psychic Toll of Nonstop Tragedies

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