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If you were a school-age girl in the 90s, chances are you lusted after the technicolor stickers and school supplies of the inimitable Lisa Frank brand. Frank’s psychedelic, rainbow-printed cartoon universe of cute tigers and dancing dolphins was inescapable.

You may have thought that phase ended when the Backstreet Boys split, but 2016 is proving to be the year in which everything that’s old is, indeed, new again.

Behold: the Lisa Frank clothing line you probably always wanted, but aren’t quite sure what to do about now that it’s here. From slim-fit dresses to crop tops and leggings, the eye-catching iconic prints of yesteryear have now been rendered in wearable textile form. The line is available at Rage On!, with all items running under $60. The cost of nostalgia? Priceless.

(And to indoctrinate minors into the cult of Frank, there’s even a slightly more subtle juniors line at Macy’s.)

If you’d prefer not to wear your love for Lisa on your sleeve — but still are charmed by the brand’s bright, bouncy appeal — you can get your fill with the brand’s adult coloring book instead.

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