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Ben Carson Tried to Connect Hillary Clinton to Lucifer

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Former Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson doubled down Wednesday on statements he made Tuesday at the Republican National Convention, where he connected Hillary Clinton to Lucifer.

Carson linked Clinton to community organizer Saul Alinsky, who once seemed to write favorably about Lucifer in a book.

“Recognize that this is a very famous book—”Rules for Radicals” —and on the dedication page, you acknowledge Lucifer in an admirable way saying he’s the original radical who gained his own kingdom,” Carson told CNN. “What I am saying is that we are talking about electing to the presidency an individual who embraces someone who obviously is not someone who is consistent.”

Clinton wrote her 1969 undergraduate thesis on Alinksy, according to Politifact, although she says that she has “fundamental disagreements with him.”

On Tuesday, Carson questioned if convention attendees would vote for Clinton in November giver her connection to Alinksy, asking: “So are we willing to elect someone as president who has as their role model someone who acknowledges Lucifer?” There’s no evidence Clinton considers Alinksy a role model.

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