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Never Forget That Tiffany Trump Released a Pop Song

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Donald Trump’s 22-year-old daughter Tiffany Trump made her political debut Tuesday at the Republican convention, but she made her most important debut back in 2011 with the pop song, “Like a Bird.”

Yes, Trump’s youngest daughter recorded a song, and it wasn’t just the typical teen’s foray into music for fun. Naturally, she spread her Paris Hilton-like vocals over the track like only a young woman who could totally be a first daughter could. Sprite & Logic even rapped on it about designer jeans and Madonna. The delicate autotune track went a little something like this.

I see you like that spot above
Crawling through the liquid love
You’re cute and you’re tweeting me
Baby you go “beep beep beep”
Everybody’s partying
Obsessing over crazy things
I just want serenity
While living it up

Prior to her father’s presidential run, the Amazon reviews were significantly more favorable, but this was brief for her. In an interview with Oprah Trump did when she was 17, she said wasn’t sure she wanted to go for a full-fledged music career.

“Well, I love music. It’s always been very dear to me and it’s a deep passion… it’s more of a hobby right now, but we’ll see in a couple of years if I actually do want to take it to the next level as a professional,” she said.

Two stray observations:

Trump’s “Like a Bird” dropped in 2011, 11 years after Nelly Furtado released the mega bird simile hit “I’m Like a Bird,” but who’s to say when we have enough bird songs?

It’s available on iTunes.

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