By Melissa Locker
July 19, 2016

Game of Thrones has a new ruler—a Filipino make-up artist and actor who isn’t vying for the Iron Throne, but is dominating fandom with his incredible transformations.

While the term “fan art” usually conjures up images of pencil drawings of Disney princesses, Paolo Ballesteros, an actor, television host, and make-up artist in the Philippines, is delivering fan art that would make the Many Faced God proud.

In the photos he shares with his 1.7 million Instagram followers, he transforms himself into the citizens of Westeros from Arya Stark, to Melisandre, and Brienne of Tarth. He even dares to become the Mother of Dragons herself, transforming from a clean-cut man into Daenerys Targaryen with nothing more than the help of wigs and make-up (and serious talent).

According to Mashable, Ballesteros has also turned himself into celebrities like Gigi Hadid, various Kardashians, and Katy Perry, but it’s Game of Thrones fans who seem to most appreciate his fan art tributes. They undoubtedly need the distraction since the next season of Game of Thrones is delayed. Check out the work below.

[H/T Mashable]

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