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Watch Jon Stewart React to Finding Out That Donald Trump’s the Nominee

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Daily Show and Colbert Report fans rejoice — Jon Stewart reunited with Stephen Colbert Monday after the Republican National Convention.

On a mission to get Stewart back on election coverage duty, Colbert tracks down his former Daily Show boss. Things are grim. He’s living in a New Jersey cabin, and he’s up to his “I’ve been off the air for a while” style beard in canned urine that he’s saving up for the end times.

Stewart learns, with a chai spit take in Colbert’s face, that Donald Trump’s the nominee, and the segment was all nostalgia. Highlights: Stewart busts out his Trump impression, Stewart and Colbert exchange Trump jabs, and twist: the old conservative commentator from the Colbert Report has also been shacking up with Stewart. Colbert, at his finest when he’s winking at the audience, even reprised his old recurring segment “The Word,” to explain the new term, “Trumpiness.” (Previously, Colbert and Stewart have joined forces in a country vacation scenario in the holiday special A Colbert Christmas: The Greatest Gift of All! in 2008, which is also an excellent must-watch.)

The Late Show will continue to cover the Republican and Democratic conventions with two weeks of live episodes, and Colbert hints that Stewart will be back for more. Watch the videos from Monday’s segment below.

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