Donald Trump Leads Hillary Clinton 3-1 in Late-Night Jokes

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Donald Trump is leading Hillary Clinton 3-to-1 in late-night TV show jokes.

A research study from the George Mason University Center for Media and Public Affairs conducted shows that there are three times more late-night TV jokes made about the presumptive Republican nominee than are made about Clinton.

From the very beginning, Donald Trump was a controversial candidate, whose comments lent themselves to be used as material by late-night comedy shows.

“The gloves came off on Trump long ago,” said Robert Lichter, the director of GMU’s Center for Media and Public Affairs. “Now you have [Clinton] with a scandal, and the jokes get nastier.”

While there were reportedly 1,105 jokes made about Trump during the report’s study period, there were only 315 jokes made about Clinton.

But after FBI Director James Comey’s critical remarks about Clinton last week where he called her “extremely careless,” Clinton could catch up.

“If she starts to fit the image of the political insider who thinks she can get away with things, there will be a lot of jokes around that,” added Lichter.

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