July 15, 2016 9:06 AM EDT

Tesla has said the autopilot feature was not engaged in a vehicle crash in Pennsylvania earlier this month, refuting the driver’s claim.

Tesla said Thursday that logs from the Model X driven by Albert Scaglione on July 1 show the vehicle disengaged autopilot about 25 seconds before the crash because the driver’s hands weren’t on the steering wheel, CNN reports. Drivers are told not to remove their hands from the wheel when the car is driving in autopilot.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk also took to Twitter to defend his company, saying that the “crash would not have occurred if [autopilot] was on.”

Scaglione, the driver, had previously claimed the car was in autopilot mode during the crash.

This crash is one of three in which Tesla’s autopilot has allegedly been involved, including one fatal incident in Florida that sparked controversy over the safety of the feature.

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