Justin Sullivan, Andrew Harrer—Getty Images

See How the Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump Campaigns Use Instagram

Jul 18, 2016

Each election seasons brings new ways for candidates to connect with voters, from the first presidential TV ads that aired more than six decades ago to the spots now appearing on Snapchat. In this social media age, it makes sense that different political personalities would emerge on the candidates' Instagram accounts.

From announcing their candidacies to welcoming new grandchildren to their families, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have taken slightly different approaches to broadcasting milestones on Instagram. Most notably: Clinton celebrated becoming the presumptive Democratic nominee with a photo of herself clutching her heart in a crowd of supporters, while Trump celebrated the same accomplishment by eating McDonald's on his plane.

See how both candidates campaigns have played out on Instagram so far:

Campaign Launch

First Primary Win

Greeting the Supporters


Off the Plane

A Big Wave

Clinching Nominations

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