By Megan McCluskey
July 14, 2016

Prince Harry took a HIV blood test live on the British royal family’s Facebook Thursday to demonstrate how easy it is to get checked. The 31-year-old royal was tested at the Burrell Street Sexual Health Centre in London and got his results back within a minute — the test was negative.

“It is amazing how quick it is,” he said.

However, the Prince admitted he was nervous before undergoing the finger-prick procedure. “Even being the person that I am and [knowing the type of] people I end up being around, I’m still nervous,” he said. “Which is interesting.”

Harry went on to explain that he got checked in order to destigmatize HIV testing. “So whether you’re a man, woman, gay, straight, black or white — even ginger — why wouldn’t you come and have a…[test?]”

Watch the full video below.

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