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What a President Needs to Know

Hurt and Hope

The Apprentices

Donald Trump’s closest advisers? His kids

I’ve Photographed Donald Trump More Than Anyone Else

Over the last four decades the Republican presidential candidate has joined Marla, Melania and a million bucks in some of the many pictures taken by photographer Harry Benson

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: There Is Terror on Both Sides of the Badge

Both the black and police communities live in fear—because they cannot see each other’s humanity

After Baton Rouge, Minneapolis and Dallas, Signs of Passionate Sanity

Review: The New Ghostbusters, Modern and Vital, Goes for the Gusto

The movie glows with vitality, thanks largely to the performers

Read: Letters Between a Black Father and Son

‘I find myself wishing that I were a kid again. But then I remember Tamir Rice’

The Pokémon Fad Shows the Unnerving Future of Augmenting Reality

‘Pokemon Go’ is more than a hit video game, it’s a glimpse into a future we don’t fully understand

How the NBA Stole the Summer Spotlight

Anxiety on China

The Meaning of China’s Defeat In the South China Sea

America: More Socialist Than It Seems?

A Convention Unlike Any Other: Can the GOP Hold It Together?

Serena Williams

7th Wimbledon title

Seven Lives Lost and a New Reckoning on Race

Britain’s Theresa May Takes Power With Brexit In Her Sights

It’s Their Party and They’ll Skip the Convention If They Want To

A New Night Of Crime and Injustice on HBO

10 Questions With Michael K. Williams

You might recognize him as Omar from The Wire–a fact that led to an identity crisis, says the host of Black Market and star of HBO’s The Night Of

Susan Faludi

Love and Television


A New Blue

Elie Wiesel

Holocaust survivor

A Bear Stalks Neil Young’s New Earth

For the Record

Winona Ryder, Woman Interrupted

How to Save the World’s Forests-With Tires

How They Find Their A-Game

Jason Day and Jordan Spieth are two of the biggest names in golf. Jack Nicklaus is synonymous with the sport. They discuss:

Cameron’s Legacy

His July 13 resignation as Prime Minister is clouded by Brexit. For better or worse, here’s what he’ll be remembered for

Pop Chart

The Healing Power of Nature

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