By Melissa Chan
July 12, 2016

George R.R. Martin is so amused by a new Game of Thrones-themed slot machine that the series author now wants one in his home.

Martin on Tuesday told fans in a new blog post that he owns a “very cool” Game of Thrones pinball machine and now wants to get his hands on a slot machine featured in This Week in Gambling’s YouTube page.

“This wild ride I have been on for this last decade just keeps getting wilder. The amount of GAME OF THRONES stuff out there boggles even me,” he said before sharing a video of the slot machine at work.

“I don’t go to casinos very often, and when I do I prefer to play poker or blackjack with other human beings rather than the slots, but I’d play this one,” he added. “In fact, I want one for myself. Though I have no idea whether it is even legal for an individual to own a slot machine, or if you need a casino to be able to have one.”

Martin said he believes the slot machine is located at the Sky City casino in New Mexico.

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