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The Honest Trailer for Ghostbusters 2 Proves You Shouldn’t Worry About the Reboot

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The female Ghostbusters reboot hasn’t been released yet, but that hasn’t stopped online commenters from preemptively slamming the film. However, while some believe the remake is a ploy to make money off of fans of the 1984 cult classic, the latest honest trailer from Screen Junkies points out that the franchise already produced a film that did just that: Ghostbusters 2.

“Before you see the reboot that the Internet thinks will be an unfunny attempt to cash in on your nostalgia for the original Ghostbusters, revisit the unfunny attempt at a sequel that kind of already took care of that,” the voiceover begins.

The narrator then goes on to explain why the sequel didn’t work. “If you loved the first Ghostbusters movie, then you should definitely go watch that one instead,” he says. “But if you insist on seeing part two, prepare for the exact same plot with tiny cosmetic changes.”

Watch the full trailer below.

The reboot — which stars Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones — hits theaters July 15.

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