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Margot Robbie Reveals How the Joker Brings Out the Crazy in Harley Quinn

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The publicity machine for Suicide Squad continues to churn out new factoids about what the Joker will be up to, and who he’ll be mad at.

Rat recipient Margot Robbie who plays his love interest, supervillain Harley Quinn in the movie, explained more about the dynamic between Harley and the Joker in an interview with Collider. What’s it like when these two lovebirds are together? Creepy!

“Pretty wild. Crazy. I’ve never seen scenes like it before, personally. It’s next level. People better brace themselves. It’s weird, they’re a fascinating couple. Honestly, I find their stuff the most exciting out of everything. I’d watch a dialogue scene between them over, like, buildings blowing up and guns, which I love that stuff as well. But when they are just—or when they find someone that they wanna pick on, it’s scary. Yeah, they’re messed up.”

If not for the Joker, Harley wouldn’t be sane or anything, but she’d be more focused.

“When it’s a Joker scene, she’s pretty nuts because he brings that out in her for sure. And when it’s the rest of the Squad’s scenes, yeah she has her moments for sure. But she’s a little, I wouldn’t say sensible, she’s never sensible. But she’s a little more focused, I suppose.”

Still crazy, after all these years. See them get weird together in the movie on Aug. 5, 2016.

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