July 7, 2016 6:12 PM EDT

Francis and the Lights released a new music video for “Friends” featuring Bon Iver (Justin Vernon) and Kanye West.

The intimate video, directed by Jake Schreier, spends the early go-around with Kanye dancing somewhat half-heartedly. By eliminating any contemplating visuals, we can focus on everyone including Mr. West. He could just be relaxed, but his face does give off Sad Kanye vibes. Not even his cool jacket offers a sliver of hope. His direction may have been to contemplate his interior life as a table, Jesus, or possibly the store, the Gap.

Francis Farewell Starlite has a similar sad look in parts, but it’s not all emotionally low. Starlite energizes the video with his feverish moves, and to finish, Starlite and Vernon are terrific together as they do a choreographed friend dance. It’s so easy to follow that any bestie team can join in the fun.

Watch below.

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