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Blink 182 performs live from Central Park in New York City as part of the Summer Concert Series
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Blink-182’s new album is out, and the band is doing press to get people hyped about their new jam “Brohemian Rhapsody,” and to add to the canon that is their beliefs about aliens.

Ever since Blink-182’s former member Tom DeLonge sang the song “Aliens Exist,” on their 1999 album “Enema of the State,” DeLonge has been the most active speaker on the topic. Insider Tom De Longe gave PAPER as much illuminating information as he could without getting too real about just how close he is flying to the sun.

During that interview last year, DeLonge reflected on a possible alien visit this one time when he was camping near Area 51. The musician also noted that he’s well-read about people who have made contact with aliens, perhaps with more certitude than you think the situation warrants.

However, the current members of Blink-182 are individuals who make observations and decisions and have their own beliefs. So in an interview with VICE Tuesday, the band’s co-founder Mark Hoppus admitted that we’re not alone, but he doesn’t think we’ve actually made contact. From the interview:

“I don’t think that the moon landing was faked, I don’t believe in Big Foot or the Loch Ness Monster. I don’t think that aliens have visited us – I believe there’s life out there of some sort but I don’t think they’ve come here and hung out.”

As for DeLonge who has said he has intel from government sources, he is currently working on alien things.


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