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Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston
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Taylor Swift and her new beau Tom Hiddleston have been anything but secretive about their relationship. Hiddleswift/Swoki/Tomlor/your cleverer portmanteau here has already been spotted in multiple public places, including most recently at Swift’s star-studded 4th of July party.

But was Hiddleston’s “I [heart] T.S.” shirt a little… much? It certainly sparked broader wonder about the duo’s romantic motivations.

Conspiracy theorists took to their natural habitat, Twitter, to share how they knew Hiddleswift was a fixed game from the get-go. Here are the six most entertaining guesses as to why the celeb couple is so brazenly affectionate:

1. The government did it. #ThanksObama

2. This is all just fodder for Taylor Swift’s next music video

3. Their PR teams are ultra-stealth

4. Taylor Swift? I think you mean Joaquin Phoenix.

5. Look closely the next time you buy a picture frame.

6. See number 2. But with, like, actual love, too.

Of course, it could just be that they’re really, really, REALLY in love. Are you a Hiddleswift truther? Let us know:

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