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Full Frontal: Samantha Bee Takes On Brexit With Full Force

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The biggest and most intricate news story of the past week — probably the past month, actually — is Brexit, and so it’s fitting that Samantha Bee, who has filled Jon Stewart’s seat as the late-night television host who unpacks political stories with equal parts comedy and outrage, devoted a major chunk of her show Monday night to the topic.

“Normally, news from the U.K. is fun, and relaxing,” she said in her opening monologue on Full Frontal. “It involves lots of fancy babies, and adorably silly pensioners — but suddenly, those pensioners aren’t so adorable, because they just voted to kick their grandkids, their nation, their continent, and their economy right in the goolies.”

Though she did an eloquent job of explaining the British referendum on E.U. membership, the real highlight was the collection of clips of Brexit supporters she got her hands on. The individuals in question based their support for Brexit on their hostility towards immigrants.

To which Bee replied: “When Britain really needs dark people again, they’ll just colonize you.”

Watch above, and here.

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