11 People Who Flawlessly Paid Tribute to Beyoncé by Recreating Her Videos

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Melissa Molinaro’s high-octane Beyoncé-inspired wedding reception dance has gone viral.

The bride’s not the first person to recreate Beyoncé’s songs with an impressive tribute. She joins a tradition of dedicated folks who produced inspired homages to the Lemonade singer’s masterpieces. Regulars do it, celebrities do it. So who were the most notable people to do this?

Answering that question requires a Bey-tacular list of people who slayed the game Queen Bee-style with their own interpretations. From a multimedia artist heating it up in the snowy mountains with “Single Ladies” to Serena Williams’ sporty interpretation of “7/11,” see a timeline of people recreating Beyoncé moments below.

The Boy Who Recreated Beyoncé’s ‘Countdown’ in a Snuggie

You really haven’t seen Bey’s moves until you’ve seen them performed by someone in a massive snuggie that could accommodate all the original members of Destiny’s Child. Boy wonder Ton Do-Nguyen mastered all the head rolls and floor work with some help from his friends. Consider this an informational video on how to slay in a slanket.

The Woman Who Recreated Beyoncé’s ‘Single Ladies’ Silently in the Snowy Mountains

This video from artist Gery Georgieva takes the “Single Ladies” dance to the next level. In the remote snowy Rhodopi Mountains in Bulgaria, the multimedia artist nailed all the moves wearing traditional garb. She called it “Rodopska Beyonce, Auto-Ehnography: Doin’ Ma Own Li’l Thing.” Watch as she breathlessly whispers the lines on top of the most elevated stage ever.

The Shirtless Men Who Recreated Beyonce’s ‘7/11’ With Kale

A bunch of shirtless dudes (Matthew Barela, Andrew Yang, Daniel Randell, Garrett Bryant, and Timothy Williams) created an excellent remake of Beyoncé’s squad goals music video “7/11.” As a clever nod to Yonce’s kale sweatshirt in the original video, they slapped a lot of kale around.

Rita Ora Recreated ‘7/11’ on a Yacht

Singer Rita Ora took her tribute to the high seas, recreating the “7/11” video on a yacht in St. Barths. The cast: fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger, the boat crew and an inflatable pool toy. All the points go to Rita for taking the “in the air,” part of the song literally with flyboarding.

Serena Williams Recreated Beyoncé’s ‘7-11’ With Sports

Before Serena Williams, ever appeared in Beyonce’s music video for “Sorry,” she recreated “7/11” for a popular Vogue video. Obviously, it was tennis-themed which gave the athlete countless opportunities to slam a ball with her racket for the song’s line: “smack it in the air.” It also starred the men of the Ballenisles Country Club in dad socks, so it was perfect.

The Bachelorette Party Who Recreated Beyonce’s ‘7/11’

This is possibly the most faithful reconstruction of the homemade vibes of the original. The bridal party mimicked the body rolls, the sunglasses and the “twerking rhythmically while you do your hair” part. Their human pyramid was exemplary.

The Teen Girl Who Recreated Beyoncé’s Met Gala Gown for Prom

St. Louis Missouri high school student India Ross went viral for wearing a DIY version of Beyoncé’s sheer 2015 Met Gala dress. She told designer Toi Hall, “make me look like Beyonce,” and her gown, which Hall covered in gems from Michael’s and Wal-Mart, looked pretty much identical to Riccardo Tisci’s Givenchy Haute Couture that Bey wore to the 2015 Met Gala.

The Teen Girl Who Recreated Beyoncé’s ‘Formation’ Dance for Her Prom Entrance

This teen had two of her dancer friends expertly recreate the opener from Beyoncé’s “Formation” video before she emerged from her house in a glittery dress. Watch the teen communicate world domination on the red carpet before the second string event of the night — the actual prom. Naturally, there’s a smoke machine effect.

The Woman Who Built the Lego Version of ‘Lemonade’

Veronica Watson, Legoland Discovery Center Westchester’s Master Model Builder, used LEGOs to interpret Beyoncé’s Lemonade album, reported the Huffington Post. In her faithful reconstruction of the “Hold Up” video, she expertly reinvented the ruffles of Beyoncé’s iconic yellow dress — all with LEGO pieces.

The Bride Who Did an Extremely Professional Version of ‘Upgrade U’ and ‘End of Time’

When the choreography is this impressive, it’s safe to say Melissa Molinaro’s wedding guests basically got a free Beyoncé cover band concert. The bride told USA Today she planned the powerful surprise performance for five months, and the well-rehearsed medley featured two of Beyoncé’s songs about commitment: “Upgrade U” and “End of Time.” Even the stunning costumes made this very close to the real thing.

The Deputy Who Wowed the Pep Rally Crowd With ‘Formation’

The high school pep rally crowd lost it when their county officer busted some “Formation” moves for North Stafford High School’s homecoming in Virginia. The county sheriff’s deputy Lt. Deuntay Diggs’ precision was all the way there, and he had the star power needed to rise to the top tier of the Beyhive.

There’s a special glory to seeing the county’s first openly gay police deputy glow with pride as he knocks out his popular routine. It’s a form of catharsis to see a cop celebrate “Formation’s” selfhood theme.

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