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June 22, 2016 10:08 AM EDT

Rosario Dawson, actress and friend of Susan Sarandon, is ready to get her protest on at the Democratic Convention this summer.

In an interview with New York Magazine, Dawson expressed frustration at this year’s primary process. “We want to get rid of super delegates … we want open primaries … universal health care, education … pretty much everything that we had behind Bernie Sanders.” Basically, she’s ready to protest “everything.”

This isn’t the first time that Dawson will protest for her political cause. The Daredevil actress was actually arrested in April during a Democracy Spring protest in Washington, D.C. for crossing over a police line. “I wanted personally to be in solidarity with the other folks who put themselves on the line and really just to bring attention to this because I think that’s just vitally important,” she told The Guardian of the experience.

This time, she’s prepared herself for the upcoming demonstrations by attending and training others at a civil disobedience workshop in Chicago. “It is an emotional thing, and you are going to be surrounded by potentially a million people. It is really intense,” she said to New York Magazine of her past experiences protesting.

The ardent Bernie Sanders supporter is not interested in letting go of her candidate. “I have never gotten behind any candidate before,” she said. “I was actually inspired to get behind Bernie, I don’t see that just shifting over to anybody.”


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