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Watch Neil Young Perform with ‘Neil Young’ on The Tonight Show

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Fans of collective nouns know that it’s a murder of crows, a wisdom of wombats, and a coalition of cheetahs, but what do you call a gathering of Neil Youngs?

On Tuesday, The Tonight Show had a plethora of Neil Youngs, when Neil Young dropped in to play with “Neil Young.” The artist stopped by to promote his new album, Earth, and Jimmy Fallon couldn’t resist the chance to bring out his impersonation of the famed musician for a duet with the real deal.

The duo performed a song called “Two Neil Youngs Sitting On A Tree Stump” (naturally), which explained why the world needed two Neil Youngs in it, singing: “Two Neil Youngs on a tree stump/Where did the other Neil come from?/Came from the future back to the past/To warn your ass.”

The lyrics were a continuation of the themes on (the real) Young’s new album, which call for action on the environment. The song sounded great, but in the words of a Neil Young from the past, “More barn!


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