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June 21, 2016 9:21 AM EDT

It won’t be long before Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds‘ home looks like an episode of The Brady Bunch.

The Shallows actress told Today on Monday that she and Reynolds plan on growing their family far beyond baby number two.

“I’m one of five kids. My husband is one of four, so we’re officially breeders,” she joked. “You can go on our website and we will give you some of our children.”

Lively, who is mom to 18-month-old daughter James and another baby on the way, said life with her baby girl keeps her on her toes.

“She’s always doing something fun and exciting,” she said. “She’s the most fun, funny human being I’ve ever been around in my life.”

Earlier this month, the 28-year-old told Marie Claire that she hopes to give her children a “normal upbringing” — much like Reynolds.

“We don’t ever want to rob them of what we had because then we’d feel really selfish,” she explained.

Of her little brood, she explained, “All my eggs are in one basket, and that’s my family. That’s where my heart is.”

“That’s where my everything is. My family: That’s the thing that I feel most protective of and the thing that I feel is the most exposed when I feel exploited.”

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