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June 17, 2016 4:35 PM EDT

The Veronicas, an Australian pop group, are clapping back at critics who believe the group promotes eating disorders.

The band, made up of twin sisters Jessica and Lisa Origliasso, say it regularly fields Facebook and Twitter users who make comments about their bodies and eating habits, according to an interview with News Corp Australia. People frequently suggest that the vegan twins are too thin, asking them to eat something or “order room service.”

Jessica Orgliasso explains why these body-shaming remarks are so exhausting: “It’s constant. It’s usually people who aren’t invested in us as artists, they don’t know what’s going on in any capacity. They have these big opinions and it’s very frustrating. None of it makes sense.”

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The sisters laid out their eating habits in the interview. “It infuriates me, health is something that I’m really passionate about, probably because we’ve been given such a hard time about it for a long time — for our entire career,” Origliasso said. “The food pyramid we adhere to has a lot of good fats, we eat a lot of olive oil, avocado, hemp seeds, pumpkin seeds, really good oil, massive amounts of healthy carbs.”

One Facebook commentator even offered buying their groceries, a humble gesture in his eyes. The Veronicas happily replied with their grocery list for one day, with food items including “10 organic red potatoes” and “Organic vegan chocolate protein powder.”

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