June 15, 2016 4:29 PM EDT

It seems like a dream come true for a canine: a doggy day camp with a dogs-only swimming pool to splash around in to their hearts’ content.

But one dog is having none of it.

In a video posted to Facebook that’s going viral, taken at Virginia’s Happy Tails Resort, a dozen dogs jump around happily and play with pool toys. Except for one. Motionless, she stands on her hind legs in the pool, staring imploringly at the camera. Her name is Beya, and apparently she is waiting for a ball to be thrown. But her composure in the face of the chaos around her is seriously impressive.

The video has garnered upwards of 8 million views, because everyone knows how it feels when you are just not in the mood to party.

In another video, a second pup takes a cue from Beya in what the caption calls a “non swimming dog internship.” We feel you: pool parties can be totally exhausting.

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