June 14, 2016 5:53 PM EDT

Never underestimate the lengths that the Beyhive will go to for their Queen, as the extreme measures by one Beyoncé superfan during the singer’s Formation World Tour amply illustrated.

Chelsey Bunner told Buzzfeed News that even though she was scheduled to have her wisdom teeth removed a few days before a long-awaited Beyoncé concert on Sunday, she wasn’t going to let her recovery get in the way of seeing Queen Bey.

Instead, Bunner still attended, resourcefully packing ice packs so she could ice during the concert and even bringing a sign that read, “When you have wisdom teeth @ 6 but Beyoncé @7.”

Bunner later tweeted out the following, plus four pictures of herself enjoying the concert with her ice packs strapped to her head, captioning them, “BEST NIGHT EVER besides the fact I could barely sing along… @Beyonce your beauty is unreal.”

No doubt about it, this fan got in formation and slayed.



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