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March 31, 2014

For the casual “Casual Encounter” Craigslister who doesn’t have the time to write out irresistible prose like “Wanna bang?”, there’s now a website that will actually generate a personalized personal ad for you.

Collective Love only needs your location and inclination (man/woman seeking man/woman?) to customize an ad that would be appealing to the people perusing your local section. “It parses the content of these listings and applies a markov chain algorithm to generate text using the ideas and feelings expressed by the ad posters,” the website explains.

Length ranges from 20 to 100 (!) sentences. (Again, “Wanna bang?” would probably suffice, but whatever.)

So what kind of sonnet can you expect from the randomized generator? My 20 sentence, m4w, NYC ad began:

I expect a full inbox by noon.

(h/t: Daily Dot)

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