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Get ready to get naked in Japan. An interesting new restaurant is coming to Tokyo and like its counterparts in London and Australia, it’s encouraging diners to strip down for dinner.

The restaurant, The Amrita, which takes its name from the Sanskrit word for immortality, is slated to open in Tokyo on July 29. It will offer its patrons a chance to enjoy an organic menu in the nude save for some hygienic “paper underwear.” According to Rocket News, the restaurant’s opening party will feature an “Adam and Eve” style banquet starring “men with the world’s most beautiful bodies” as waiters and, for entertainment, the restaurant will offer a “Men’s Show dance performance” starring male models, undoubtedly giving Magic Mike a run for its money.

However to enjoy the restaurant and all its worldly delights, patrons must meet certain standards. Not only do diners have to be able to prove they are within the 18-to-60-year-old age bracket, but they must have no tattoos, must lock their cameras and mobile phones in a box on their table, and promise not to “cause a nuisance” to other patrons by trying to talk to other nearly-naked diners.

But there’s more: “We ask anyone more than 15 kg [33 lbs] above the average weight for their height to refrain from making a reservation”, the rules for the restaurant state, and if the staff doesn’t believe a customer fits the requirements, they will whip out a scale and weigh them before letting them in to dine. Since the restaurant requires advance payment (they are not alone in this frustrating trend among restaurants) overweight patrons will not only be humiliated, but out of the cost of admission, too, and with tickets going for anywhere from 12,000 – 80,000 yen (US$112 – $563), rejection could hurt in more ways than one.

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