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The Whole Ghostbusters Gang, Past and Present, Is Getting Back Together

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In a sure-to-be epic summit of comedy legends, the original 1984 cast of Ghostbusters will be appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live on June 8 along with the cast of this year’s reboot. That means beloved comedians Dan Akroyd, Bill Murray, Ernie Hudson and Annie Potts will be sharing a stage with the latest ladies of the laughs: Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones.

The reason for the reunion? June 8 is Ghostbusters Day, the 32nd anniversary of the original movie’s release. To celebrate, the cult classic will be playing in 800 theaters across the country — and again on June 12. The new Ghostbusters, meanwhile, comes out July 15 nationwide.

“Seeing the original and new Ghostbusters all together (will be) like being in the presence of the comedy gods on Mount Olympus,” Ghostbusters reboot director Paul Feig told USA TODAY in a statement.

The new movie takes its cues from the conceit of the original—but introduces a quad of female mains, for which it’s received a torrent of Internet backlash. Recently, Akroyd posted publicly on his Facebook in support of the new movie after watching a screening.

“Apart from brilliant, genuine performances from the cast both female and male, it has more laughs and more scares than the first 2 films plus Bill Murray is in it! As one of millions of man-fans and Ray Stantz, I’m paying to see that and bringing all my friends!” the actor wrote.

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