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Mariah Carey Was Interviewed By Jimmy Kimmel In a Bathtub and It Was Peak Mariah

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Mariah Carey might have reached peak Mariah status on Thursday night when she did an interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live! while taking a bubble bath. And as you might imagine, darling, it was fabulous.

The elusive chanteuse gamely joined Kimmel in a sudsy bathtub, while wearing a full-length sequined gown, diamond jewelry (including her 35-carat engagement ring from billionaire fiancee James Packer) and platform heels—as one does. While this might seem like a lot for a woman who refuses to take her sunglasses off under fluorescent lights, it’s important to remember that Mimi has had years and years of experience with this, as evidenced by her legendary MTV Cribs episode and also the “Shake It Off” video, which is still one of her greatest gifts ever given to mankind.

During the interview, Kimmel and Mariah discussed her Las Vegas residency, her upcoming nuptials and even indulged in a little champagne while being fed grapes by shirtless men.

Mariah had one critique, however, of Kimmel’s bathtub. “It’s going to spoil my hair,” she said.

Watch the full clip below.

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