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See How a Clever Gamer Proposed to His Girlfriend in Mario Maker

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A video gamer just played the best round of Mario Maker of his life—and got the best prize, too.

YouTube user Retro Shanerator spent some quality time with Super Mario Maker, diligently working to build a new level embedded with a very important message for his girlfriend. When the work was done, he sat down to play the most important game of Mario Maker of his life. As his girlfriend made it through the level, she noticed that the bricks spelled out the words, “Pam, will you marry me?” She said yes …and then finished her game, because Mario can’t make it to the castle alone.

“Hope everyone enjoys just a bit of our special moment,” the groom-to-be captioned the video. “Geeks do it better!”

According to Geekologie, if your partner happens to be named Pam and you want to re-use Retro Shanerator’s level for your own proposal, the code is 7A61-0000-0245-8DE8. Just make sure your girlfriend hasn’t read this story.


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