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May 25, 2016 3:53 PM EDT

Monday, writer Sanjena Sathian tackled an issue many women have experienced in the gym: An unwelcoming atmosphere women encounter in the weight room.

After months of feeling like the only woman lifting, Sathian says she “became totally fed up with men’s reactions to me in the gym,” sharing mansplaining comments she would receive, such as, “Need some help with that plate, honey?”

While gyms like Curves attempt to combat the skewed gender makeup of workout rooms, Sathian suggests a new method for getting more women in the weight room: Hiring more female trainers.

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“We need a Feminist Deadlift Council to bless gyms that have made real efforts to make women feel not just at home but ready to get tough,” Sathian writes. “The more women swarming the floor, doing what the guys do, correcting the guys, outdoing the guys and offering advice, the more women I think would show up.”

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