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Watch Jennifer Lawrence and John Oliver Spill Their Secrets on The Tonight Show

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Jennifer Lawrence is such a good actress that it’s almost impossible to know when she is flat-out lying to you. That’s what made her round of True Confessions with host Jimmy Fallon and HBO’s John Oliver so much fun to watch.

In The Tonight Show game, each player has two envelopes containing confessions, one true, one false. “In one of the envelopes is something that actually happened to us in real life. In the second envelope is a lie,” explained Fallon. “Once you’ve read your confession, the other two players have 60 seconds to interrogate you and then they each have to guess whether you’re lying or telling the truth.”

Lawrence opened up her envelope and read aloud: “I once took an Ambien before filming a scene in The Hunger Games.”

To try and discern the truth, Fallon and Oliver peppered her with questions. “Was it the scene where you’re sleeping in the scene?” Fallon asked.

“No, in fact, I was dancing,” Lawrence replied.

“Was it a fight scene that you slept through?” Oliver joked.

“I woke up and I took an Ambien; I thought it was something else,” said the X-Men: Apocalypse star, playing it straight. When the buzzer went off, Oliver and Fallon had to figure out whether the Oscar-winning actress was telling the truth.

Before they played True Confessions, Lawrence was already spilling the beans on previous exploits, like when she told a room of reporters that Kim Basinger was dead, which, of course, she wasn’t.


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